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Summer 2019 BMW Intern Team, Chicago


Enjoyable 12-Week UX/UI Design Intern Experience 🤗

This summer, I had the pleasure of working at BMW Technology Corporation as a UX/UI Design Intern. During this 12-week internship, I had the chance to work closely with product managers, researchers, developers, data scientists and other designers in my team and teams in Munich and Shanghai. We shared our designs, insights and learned from each other.

Thanks to my mentor Pawel Bak, I had an opportunity to dive in different swimlanes of BMW Connected App. From exploring and designing early-stage concepts for the redesign, to fixing the current version’s usability problems and saw it been implemented. I practiced my critical thinking, prototyping and communication skill during everyday collaboration.

Unfortunately, due to NDA, I can’t share specific details about my work. If you would like to learn more about my experience, feel free to contact me!

Two cool projects, two side projects

One of my main project is working on the information system redesign of the connected app. I was responsible for concept exploration, prototyping and user testing. I collaborated with the other designer to create 8 interactive prototypes to test 4 features and 2 flows. I’m very happy at the last week of my internship I participated the professional user testing to validate our hypothesis.

Doing user testing

Besides the redesign, I also helped transforming current app to the Flutter based platform. Unlike native iOS and Android are separate. Flutter based app can be operated on both systems, which means developers only need to write one suit of code. It is more efficient but also brings many challenges to designers. We need to consider user behaviors, patterns, components of these two different platforms and design a universal interface.

When I customized a Flutter component, I discussed a lot with developers about how to make it consistent with our library, in what case to use this component and the difficulty to achieve it. I can share more interesting stories about collaborating with developers 🙂

I created this poster to show how to use our library to design efficiently.

Key Takeaways

Design in Reality

Unlike doing projects at school, where you don’t have many requirements from other people. You can just do the product as you want. But at company, in most cases we get comments, requests from customers, product managers and etc. We also need to consider time and resource limitations. How to balance all these elements and provide good user experience is critical to designers. Get work done, as better as I can.


Get feedback early and often

I found it’s really helpful to share your design and get feedback early and often with other designers and engineers. Keeping engineers in-loop early in the design process can provide a fresh perspective to the problem, and also help understand technical constraints. When you understand what they are concerning, what deliverables they want. The whole production will be more efficient. When they are on the same page, they are willing to do their efforts.


Go Team, have fun!

 Thanks to my awesome teammates for giving me this unforgettable summer!